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“Really interesting to find out what is actually going on with my skin and learn how to look after it properly. My comprehensive and unbiased product recommendations have arrived and I can’t wait to get started.”
— Jane

“I found it so useful to finally be able to diagnose my skin type and the correct products I should be using to combat my skin queries.”
— Gina

“First time visiting Lion/ne. Super relaxed, chic and comfortable space in the heart of Notting Hill. The girls made me feel very welcome throughout the consultation. They took the time to understand not only my current routine, but my lifestyle and other aspects that people may not take in to consideration, affecting their skin. This service is perfect if you're out of sorts of how to take care of YOUR skin. Alternatively, if you're a product junkie like me and you want a little more help from the pros at bringing more structure into your routine.”

Dane, 24

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“Great atmosphere, friendly hosts and very detailed and useful information about my skin.”
— Anne, 30

“From the moment I walked in I felt so welcome and like you were really there to listen and help me with my skincare needs. At no point did I feel judged or like I had been doing anything wrong, you were really there to educate me and help guide me in the right direction while making the entire experience enjoyable! Thank you so much for creating Lion/ne it is honestly just what I needed in my life!!”


“I have always been confused about my skin type and overwhelmed with all the products on the market. It was incredible to get my skin tested scientifically and to get tailored product recommendations. It has saved me so much money. I was also able to ask all the questions I have wondered about. I recommend Lion/ne to everyone!”

Freja, 28

“Really pleased, such a detailed examination and shopping list I received back, identifying all the problems and how to tackle them. Lifestyle factors examined is such a helpful part too.”
— Lucy, 22
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“I’ve always had a simple skincare routine, but I never really thought about how important it is to not only understand your skin, but also understand how your everyday routine and environment can affect your skin. My la creme fleurie consultation allowed me to gain the right knowledge to take care of my skin and myself in a natural and sustainable way.”
— Nayla, 24

“As men, we often think that the skincare industry is catered towards women, and therefore we don't really think of using any products on our skin. However, by doing this consultation, I realised how wrong that preconception is, and that protecting and taking care of our skin now, will define what it looks like later. I learnt that it doesn't mean having a huge routine, but even just incorporating two or three products makes a huge difference. Lion/ne is amazing at cutting through all the confusion of this industry and bringing you the solution to a glowing and healthy skin.”

Cyrus, 26