Product Edit : The Battle of the Toiletries

Our edit for the most appropriate travel products (and where to find them) according to your destination.

*There are affiliate links in this post

The Sea Seeker

If you’re spending time on the beach and in the water, then you priorities are SPF, beach-hair essentials, and waterproof/minimal make-up looks.

The City Escaper 

If you’re escaping to a city this summer, then you want to look nice for your candid photos walking through quaint alleyways (we’ve all been there!). Your hair/make-up will need to be looking 💯.

The No Make-Up Traveller ✨

If the whole reason you are going away is to take a break from having to look cute every day, and you plan on doing a social media cleanse for your weekend getaway (count us in)…then skincare will be your focus for your teeny tiny clear bag. 

The `I did it for the Instagram’er 🤳🏽

If you are going away to get some good social media content (it’s fine, we’ve done it too!), then you might need to borrow some space from your travel partners clear bag. You will need your full skincare/make-up/hair routines, but here are some of our favourites.