You know your skin type? Great, you know 10% of your skin!

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Before delving into skin type “formulated “ products (one of our favourite subjects) we first want to explain why the labels falling in this category shouldn’t be used as a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In fact, skin types should only be one factor used to determine your skin needs, rather than a box you must stay in when it comes to choosing products and ingredients. Skin will vary from one person to another, and each of our skin needs will be different, even if they do fall in the same category! 

Something that we hear a lot during our consultations is  “when I was a teenager, I was told that I had an oily skin.” Yes, maybe at that time you did have more oily tendencies (as many of us do when going through puberty), but with time changes in hormones, lifestyle, weather and many other factors, the skin may develop completely different requirements. In fact, there are so many different factors that can impact our skin health. Some we can control and others, unfortunately, are out of our hands. 

Therefore, assessing ALL of your skin’s needs is essential before purchasing even one beauty product. This is because one category of product will not sustain your skin long-term. Crazy right? Checking your skin as you would check your vision or your moles is essential to make sure that you have the right products to respond to its current needs, and that is why we are here! With our consultations, we give you your skin needs in “real-time”. FYI, our bday discount count BIRTHDAY15 is only available till Wednesday, 9th October.