You Asked, We Answered.

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As we approach September, and we have that back to school feeling, we wanted to update you with upcoming trends in the world of skincare. Touching on the products and ingredients that will have a major presence in the build up to Christmas. As skincare consultants, it is essential for us to keep track on the buzz in this confusing market and make sure to give YOU the best, most up to date information, when assessing your skin and recommending products.

We have delved into Euromonitor International, Mintel, Kline & Company, and looked at articles from the Telegraph, Cosmetic Industry Sites, and leading print magazines. One report in particular captured our attention (LINK), as it hits the nail on the head with 2020’s trends and also explains the confusion and mistrust when it comes to beauty ingredients. Although we are skintellectuals ourselves, even we are suckers for new ingredients and brand marketing from time to time! The report explains that we are constantly fighting for ingredient transparency and would like to learn more about the source that ingredients are coming from.  Although we want products that are “free-from” certain ingredients we also need to look deeper at formulations of products as a while.As consumers we are actively looking in to “ingredients” rather than “products”, and are still unable to know exactly what they do and how they will perform. 

That’s why we created Lion/ne, to empower you by giving you the right tools when shopping for skincare. While most of our clients think that the most useful outcome of our consultation is getting your unique personalised shopping list, we believe that the consultation itself is very educational and before leaving you will learn extremely valuable tools and information about your skin’s needs. During this 45 minute consultation, we discuss all things skincare, we are here to answer any questions that you might have on specific ingredients and products. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll make sure to our due diligence and give you the most unbiased answer. No bias, no filter, no bs is our motto!

Do you have an idea of the top ingredients that are being searched right now? Do you want to impress your skincare friends that are skincare enthusiasts by explaining the top ingredients to watch in 2020? Stay tuned for the lowdown on our skincare ingredients to watch.