Working out? Eating healthy? Great. What about your skin?

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It’s time to expand the definition of being healthy. A balanced lifestyle means protecting your body inside and out which means working out, eating healthy, being mindful, but also protecting your body from harmful substances.

The skin is our bodies largest organ, this is why protecting what makes us waterproof is essential. And no gentlemen, using your body exfoliant or shower gel on your face doesn’t count. On the contrary, you do more harm that good to your skin with these products. Using harsh ingredients on your skin can compromise its barrier function, making it more vulnerable to the outside world. By doing so, you’re welcoming bad bacteria and free radicals that will irritate your skin further and cause long therm damage such as pigmentation, scaring and even cancer (think holidays without sun cream year after year). 

Don’t be scared about the term ‘skincare regime', it is often associated to beauty, which then suggests this is only a female concern. However, a good skincare regime for your specific skin is not just here to make you beautiful, but to protect one of your most vital organs.

You just need a few core products that will keep your skin balanced and protected. Check out our blog section to find a few of our recommendations for different skin types, but remember that assessing your skin’s current state is crucial before buying any products. That’s why we are here, to educate you about your skin and give you the right tools to make you conscious consumers. Our permanent location in Notting Hill is open from Wednesday to Friday!