Wondering what could be causing your skin to act up ?

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What causes most skin problems today? A dysfunction of the gut-brain-skin axis. Our gut, brain and skin share a profound relationship. An imbalance of one of them can disrupt this delicate interlinked axis.

This is why maintaining a calm mind can help to maintain calm skin! A powerful way to ease the mind and relieve stress is meditation. There are many different ways to meditate; workshops, meditation apps,  meditation classes etc. 

Last week , our co-founder Ksenia went for a deep guided meditation workshop, which lasted 2 hours. She says, “I really felt it helped to bring peace to my mind!”

So what are the benefits of meditation? Meditation can help you become stronger, heighten self-awareness, become more calm, reduce stress, improve sleep, and even balance hormone levels! 

Many of the benefits of meditation will help to achieve glowing skin. In times of stress or anxiety, our cortisol level will rise and thus can cause inflammation and oxidation, which impacts collagen and elastin production. Plus, adrenaline puts the skin in a constant state of alert making the sensory nerve endings over stimulated. 

Skin that is highly impacted by stress will display signs of poor desquamation, dehydration and a compromised barrier function. In addition, it can increase certain skin condition such as acne, rosacea and eczema due to the intrinsic inflammatory cascade. 

However, meditation is not for everyone! Reading a book on hour a day, spending time with a friend, or walking in the park can also calm the mind. It’s all about seeing what works for you. If you are searching for different ways to calm your mind, check our product edit to get some inspiration.