What's the Correct Skincare Order ?


It depends on your skin type what the steps will be, which is why when you are reading blogs and articles online you have to keep in mind that the person writing it might have totally different skin needs than you do. For example, dry and reactive skin will not need a toner and oils aren’t suited to every skin. However, a good way to remember how to layer product would be thinner, water based, products first followed by oil based, thicker products, and always end with SPF.

That said targeted treatments, vitamin C, and more active products, will need to go before your oil or moisturiser even if they are a little bit more thick. This will make sure your skin is taking on the more active ingredients first.

Your morning routine should focus on protecting your skin, while your night routine goal will be to nourish and stimulate your skin. Therefore, any type of exfoliants (AHAs / BHAs) should be done at night as well as retinol. Using them in the morning can sensitise your skin in the long term and produce more oil as you’re removing a layer of your dead skin cells.

Here is a cheat sheet, but keep in mind some products should not be used in conjunction with one another and/or used on a daily basis.  

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