To oil or not to oil - Megan's Review

I guess you could call me an oil sceptic. As I have sensitive and dry skin, I tend to avoid essential oils at all costs, which limits me when it comes to the fun and trendy treatment oils that look very pretty on the bathroom shelf.

Essential oils however, are now getting a bad rep and their more gentle counterparts, seed oils, are on the rise. Promises of deeper hydration and reduced redness, as well as a nice soothing texture lured me right in and I have given two of these oils a fair shot…I must say I have been pleasantly surprised.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil - This oil was recommended to me by a client who has been suffering from eczema for years. She told me that this is one product she can use even when she is having a flare up and it soothes the dry patches.  When my skin was very dry this winter, I turned to this oil in the mornings to use before my SPF.  Not only did it not cause any irritation or redness, it soaked into my skin quickly and took away the ‘tight’ feeling that I have when my skin is extra dry.  I now keep this on hand for days that my skin is feeling extra dry.

Drunk Elephant Marula Oil - This oil is, in my opinion, too expensive for what it is. However, it does what it says it will do, and I used both in the morning and at night when I was getting flakey skin, that was causing my make-up to look caked and uneven.  This oil does not soak in as well as the Rosehip Oil, but it again did not irritate.  I like using this in the mornings (before SPF) on days when I have to wear foundation, as it makes my makeup go on much smoother and covers up flaking skin for most of the day.