To oil or not to oil - Ksenia's Review

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In our recent blog post, we explain how oils have a very comedogenic (pore clogging) reputation. This is exactly how I felt about them before taking our course in skin science. In fact, I was really convinced that oils might cause congestion on my skin, which is why I always preferred to stay away from them. Having a combination of dry and oily skin, I was worried that using oils could lead to breakouts!

However, after further research and many trials, I discovered more about the positive impact certain oils can have on the skin & how each one of them can respond to a different need (dependant on each skin’s concerns). The way I use oils is more on an as needed basis; after a certain treatment, or when I feel my skin is craving for something more like hydration or balance.”

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rosehip oil : I love using Rosehip oil after an enzymatic peel or face scrub; I feel like it goes straight into my skin and nourishes it deeply overnight. 

Vintner’s Daughter: When I feel my skin is more oily than usual (especially in between my mentrual cycles), I love using the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, which has many different plant and seed oils. I get the feeling that I am giving my face a breather from the multiple steps I use on other nights, and is my favourite way to hit the reset button for my skin. This product is active and contains essential oils, so we would advise patch testing for all skins and not to use if you have sensitive or reactive skin.