The Switch

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As Summer is quickly approaching, and due to recent findings I have made regarding natural vs. synthetic skincare products, I thought what better time to switch to a 100% natural & organic skincare routine?

Why I’m making the switch? I am curious to see how these changes will impact my skin & I want to explore the power of natural ingredients. In recent months, my curiosity has grown, and I have delved deeper into book, studies, and opinion pieces on natural products. 

Both synthetic and natural skincare products require formulation, and work to achieve the same skin goal. However, the mindset of the brand, ingredients used, and source of these products may differ. Natural skincare products are often associated with having less research behind the key products that they contain, when in reality, most of those ingredients have been used for decades.  Let’s not forget that big brands in the current beauty space work by making us think that ‘latest means greatest’, when in reality new ingredients may in some cases give long-term unknown side effects. 

Personally, I have always been skeptical about natural products. I’ve grown up shopping in my local pharmacy, and always believed strongly that the products there were the best for my skin. I am not saying that all non-organic products are bad (believe me it will be a long & sad goodbye between my current skincare and I) - but maybe it is possible to find their equivalent, or something similar, in a more clean & sustainable form. 

Again, making the switch is an exploration process that I will be making for my skin. This might be a disaster, or who knows, it could be the way that I shop for skincare forever? I will keep you updated daily on my personal account @ks.lionne, and share my experience: no bias, no filter, no bs.