The Skin’s Hectic Schedule

The Skin’s Hectic Schedule

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Imagine your skin as someone that is a multi-tasker, and working full-time day and night. Intense right? Our skin wears many hats. It protects us from harmful substances thanks to its physical and chemical barrier, makes sure to maintain the balance of fluids, regulates our body temperature, and recognises pain! This is why it needs a little help from us, to make sure it can keep up the good work, especially today with an overwhelming amount of pollution, UV light and other harmful substances that can cause premature ageing.

During the day, skin is on defence, so it is important to prep it to meet the challenges of the day. Our favourite combo is an antioxidant serum + SPF. This powerful pair will create a super shield on your skin. At night, the skin works to repair itself. Imagine skin coming back from its day shift sweaty and tired. First thing it needs to do is cleanse itself and next it needs to address any issues that came about throughout the day (dryness, inflammation, dead skin, pigmentation). The nighttime routine of our skin should be much more targeted and nourishing, things like retinol and peels are best left for when the skin is winding down and has a full nights sleep ahead to recover.


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