Step 4 - Moisturiser

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Moisturiser has different role during the day than it does at night. In the morning, it needs to give that extra boost to the skin  in order to protect its barrier function against environmental stressors. At night, it will help to nourish and balance the skin in order to maintain the overall quality of the skin. Remember, it is important to have a good nights sleep in order to activate the regeneration process.

There is a theory that moisturiser makes the skin “lazy”, as it could potentially clog skin, and presumes some skins are able to regulate their hydration levels on their own. Each person’s skin is so unique and has very different requirements. We believe that in winter time or in colder months and climates, moisuriser  is necessary to protect the skin’s barrier and add an extra protection. However, we also believe that moisturiser can be too much for oily skin types, especially in warmer months or climates.

It’s all about finding the right balance. Epecially as we age because our skin develops new needs and a moisturiser that worked well in the past, can stop working for your skin over time.  Not necessarily becuase the skin has become ‘lazy’, but because the skin’s needs have changed!

During our skin health & lifestyle assessment, we ask a lot of questions about your products, brands you use, texture preferences and bad experiences you have had with products and your skin. This helps us to understand what ingredient(s) don't work for you and gives us the ability to find the right solution for your unique skin.