Step 1 - Cleanser

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Cleansing your face is one of the most important steps in your skincare regime. You cant overdo it or underdo it, it’s all about finding the right balance ⚖️.

Washing your face with only water 💦 , can strip the oil from your skin and cause dryness...the same is true for harsh abrasive cleansers. Therefore, it is really important to put yourself in the middle of this spectrum, and find the right products for your skin. 

To be able to make the best choice, knowing your skin’s need is essential 🙌. An oily skin, that is dehydrated will react differently to an oily congested skin. Confusing right? If you don’t know your skin’s needs, or are not sure if your cleanser does more harm than’s time for you to check your skin.

Remember, to figure out what is truly going on with your skin a holistic consultation is necessary 💕