Skin Infusion

Infusion Treatment - Hyaluronic Acid Gel 💧& Anti-redness

Where 📍: SkinSmiths


What is it : A microcurrent facial that uses sound wave technology to encourage the infusion ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin, where they can work more effectively. The SkinSmiths Therapist mixes a bespoke infusion depending on your skin concern.

The aim 🙌: To deeply hydrate skin, reduce of redness, even skin tone, smooth texture and a refresh the look of complexion thanks to the stimulation of collagen within the skin.

The Results👍🏻: Results will typically last for a few days following the treatment, but we recommend a course of regular sessions to keep your skin in great condition and help improve it over time.

My experience: What I saw immediately was definitely the reduction of redness and very hydrated skin.  The tool that they used did not irritate my skin at all and did not hurt. My infusion lasted 15 minutes and the therapist was so informative telling me exactly what she was doing and how the tool worked! 

My skin for the day was very dewy and had a ‘fresh’, look about it.  It is also a really relaxing treatment, something about the vibrations!

I think that before an event, this would be an amazing treatment to really give you more of a glow and prime the skin unbelievably well for make-up.  It is important to note that they advised that I did not exercise 48 hours after the infusion, as to not ‘overstimulate’ the skin.  So you need to plan this accordingly with your exercise regime.