Should you Stop Drinking Coffee for the Greater Good of your Skin?

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There is so much information out there about the consumption of coffee. Is it good? Is it bad? The truth is - like everything - it depends, and there are always two ways to look at it. 

Are you someone that needs 10 coffees to complete all your daily tasks, and basically keep you alive? If yes, then coffee might be a problem. Not due to the caffeine itself, but because of its excess consumption. Drinking too much coffee can cause a high level of inflammation in your body that can have an impact on all of your main organs including the skin! 

High caffeine consumption disrupts hormones such as cortisol which, produced in large quantities, can lead to unusual breakouts, trigger certain skin disorders such as eczema & rosacea and cause dehydration. More than that, we were really surprised to also find out that coffee and tea, in large quantities, can inhibit iron absorption! This means that not only does coffee give you a fake “I feel super energised” feeling but it also lowers down your iron levels making you feel even more tired … sneaky coffee. 

If you are prone to any of the above conditions then try to cut down on coffee. Yes, we know it is hard as we love coffee too, but there are great alternatives such as Mushroom coffee (just give it a try before judging us) as well as matcha coffee, that also gives a good boost! Don’t worry, you can still allow yourself a morning coffee and for the courageous ones, try 1 coffee every other day before 2pm. This won’t disrupt the inflammation levels in your body.