Seasonal Skin Update

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Seasons change, and so does your skin. We aren’t just referring to the weather here, but also the seasons of your life. Our skin is a reflection of our environment, both externally and internally.  

As spring turns to summer and summer to autumn, our skin will have different needs! For example, your skin may be more dry in the winter and oily in the summer, meaning your moisturizers and serums need to be swapped! When travelling to different destinations, you may also need to take into account its climate (temperature, pollution, & UV index!). Make sure that you are adjusting your skincare regime accordingly, to both protect and nourish your skin.  

Not only do external factors like the change in seasons affect our skin, but also the changes we go through as we age and face new challenges or strive to meet goals in our day-to day life. As we move through the decades, our skin will change and thus its needs will change as well. In order to achieve your healthiest skin, adjustments should be made to the products in your repertoire.  

We believe that the mind, gut, and skin are all interconnected, meaning that if you are stressed or not sleeping, then this may show on your skin. When you are happy, this can also impact the skin (in a good way). During different skin moods, it is important to make sure that you are listening to your skin’s needs and consciously choosing products based on those needs. 

Lion/ne strives to guide you and your skincare regime through all the seasons, literally and figuratively! We recommend reviewing your skin regime 4 times/year.