Rosacea Awareness Month

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It’s Rosacea Awareness Month! Megan, our co-founder suffers from this skin condition and believes it’s essential to educate everyone on this chronic skin disorder. But what exactly is Rosacea? 

Rosacea is a chronic condition within the inflammatory cascade of the skin.  It reveals itself as an inflamed rash on the skin, usually occurring on the face in a ‘butterfly pattern’ on the nose and cheeks. Rosacea does not have a ‘favourite’ demographic, as it does affect both men and women. That said, it is more common on those with lighter fitzpatrick skin types (fair skin). Depending on the severity of the condition, it will consistently be visible on the skin, but the severity of the condition will come and go depending on exposure to triggers. If you do not have the typical butterfly shape across the cheeks, nose and forehead as a reddened “flushed” appearance, then it may be worth thinking outside the box as rosacea is not the only inflammatory condition out there.

Even though rosacea is a difficult condition to treat without further exacerbating the inflammation, carefully selected gentle products can definitely help to calm down this condition. Knowing and avoiding the triggers can really help to avoid the intrinsic inflammatory cascade that can cause flare-ups. The biggest triggers of Rosacea are alcohol, exercise, high & low temperatures, hot drinks, spicy foods, stress, lack of sleep, and caffeine. Natural sunlight is also a HUGE enemy of Rosacea (yes, this means being alive is basically a Rosacea trigger).

If you have rosacea here are some tips & tricks: 

  • Learn which of these triggers upset your Rosacea the most and try your best to avoid them; a written record of your flare-ups may help.

  • Have a very gentle skincare regime and protect your skin from the sun everyday (yep even when the sun isn’t shining).

If you are not sure about the products that you are currently using, booking a consultation with one of our skin consultants can actually be extremely beneficial for your skin. Not only will you learn more about how your skin functions and the ways to manage the condition, but you will also receive rosacea-approved product recommendations all by our co-founder Megan (also affected by Rosacea)! She has tried it ALL so you don’t have to.