Relationship Status -In A Relationship

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When I first met my boyfriend, it was at the end of our master's degree with Megan, it was a week before we started working on Lion/ne. We had just returned our thesis, the weather was amazing, we went out almost every night; we could finally breathe. In short, life was beautiful! At that time, my beauty routine was probably a mix of products discovered on Into The Gloss with a mix of what I thought was best for my skin mostly found online. But I have to say that after I met my boyfriend, I noticed my skincare regime change throughout my relationship, and realised that going from “single” to in a “relationship” has a dramatic effect on your skincare routine. To understand how I went from blow-drying my hair and taking an hour on a ‘natural make-up regime’ …to now having a hair mask, face mask, lip mask, and spot treatment on without any shame, I am going to talk through the phases the skin may go through from the beginning of my relationship until now and how to cope!

Stage 1 - “I don’t care, but I do care”

Known also as the very beginning of a relationship where you pretend to not care about the person you’re seeing just to act “cool” and “detached”. You might find yourself getting more blow drys than usual, and actually putting on mascara in the morning? We’ve been there, it’s exciting and exhausting. You will likely not be doing your regular skincare regime, and may be wearing more makeup than usual, so a gentle double cleansing regime (when you aren’t sleeping in your makeup) may be something to think about. 

How to adapt ?

The whole goal is to look as natural as possible, even if you have a long day at work you still want to look flawless (the Caudalie Mist is there for that). Other must have’s are the Glossier Haloscope Highlighter (applied strategically on the corner of the eyes, to open them up for the “I see you & I hear you” effect), Charlotte Tilbury Dry Sheet Mask for a plumping hydrating fresh effect (that lasts 8 hours, best thing ever for sleepovers), and of course our all time favourite CC Cream from Erborian for a natural healthy glow. 

Stage 2 - ‘My whole life is in my bag’ 

Once you have started to establish your relationship, you will start to split your time and the battle of ‘my house or yours tonight’ will begin. When you lose that battle, this means lugging around your entire life including changes of clothes, skincare, makeup, hair products in a bag to and from work (wouldn’t it just make life easier if he came to yours? but compromise is important in a relationship!). Since it isn’t the most practical to have two full skincare regimes, is is always good to have a simple cleanser (think cerave) and moisturiser (we like avène for travel and second skincare regimes). 

How to adapt?

Make sure that you aren’t letting your skincare regime slide too much, and that you are washing your face (nope, don’t even think about grabbing those makeup wipes) before you go to sleep. After all, waking up with mascara under your eyes isn’t a great look. During this phase, your regular regime will be disrupted, so don’t forget to take some time for yourself!

Stage 3 - ‘Honeymooning’

Ah the honeymoon phase, the time in a relationship where you fall in love (cute). The time that all single gals are looking forward to, and those that have been in a relationship for ages miss. It’s pure bliss (and if it’s not, please refer to break-up skin post). No need for brightening or radiance primers now, as your natural inner glow is enough. LOL. Of course that’s not true. As we all know, your skin will still need attention, and the great part of this phase is that you can actually do your full skincare regime and wear your comfy pjs again!

How to adapt?

Make sure that your good skin lasts longer than the honeymoon period! As you start to look ahead to your future, or if you come in for a consultation with us and see that pigmentation coming to the surface, you want to make sure you delay that as much as you can. Protecting your skin in the morning with the Drunk Elephant C-Firma antioxidant and applying a mineral sunscreen on top has never felt as comforting and satisfying as before. Suddenly, you also develop a large interest towards facial treatments such as FaceGym that help to stimulate the skin’s function. This is also the stage where you slowly introduce skincare to your boyfriend and explain to him from time to time (very softly) how sun damages the skin, all in the aim of raising his interest in having a proper routine.

Stage 4 - In the swing of things

This is a glorious phase of a relationship, where although maybe the honeymoon feeling isn’t as intense, you have a routine now and you feel you are in sync. You may or may not have moved in with your boyfriend at this time, but you are certainly sharing more and more moments together. You might start to notice random things that make your love grow stronger each day like how cute it is when your boyfriend forgets 3 days in a row to buy toothpaste? How lovely it is when you debate on what show to watch for 40 minutes and then it’s time to go to bed? And how extremely nice it is when you finally decided to start a show together and notice one day that he’s been watching it behind your back and is already on episode 6!? Happy happy days to come.

How to adapt?

This is a stage where you can allow yourself to explore your skin and test its limit. Personally, I completely switched from synthetic products to natural ones to see how it would change my skin. Absolutely not giving an F* about how my skin might look like. Because at this stage of your relationship, having a pimple from time to time, or looking completely dull, sluggish, dehydrated will not impact the image that your boyfriend has of you (well, that’s what he told me…). More than exploring products, you can treat yourself more and more. Just like taking more space in the drawer, you now can spend more time in the bathroom trying the May Lindstrom Mask (it’s 40 min of masking time people ) & taking long baths with Goop’s Detox Bath salts listening to some music & reading “The Nature of Beauty” Book.