Purchasing only “For combination skin type” products ? Here’s why you shouldn’t !

Most combination skins will have an oily T-Zone with normal, dry, or sensitive cheeks. In fact, the T-Zone does have more sebaceous secretions than the rest of the face, meaning that depending on the areas, the skin will have different requirements. Can one product tackle both conditions? Soothe & hydrate your skin, but at the same time control and maintain the oil flow? Does a product automatically know if you have a sensitive or dry skin? Mmmm we’ll let you do the math. The truth is there isn’t one miracle solution to respond to two different needs. As Paula Begoun would say “You’ll have to divide and conquer by caring for different parts of your face differently.” 

In addition to having different needs, the products that you should use will also completely depend on your oil-flow. Someone with a ‘combination’ skin type might have just a little bit of oil flow on the T-Zone, where another person in the same category may have a very reactive T-Zone with an overflow of oil. Some oily T-Zones might actually be over producing oil due to the usage of the wrong products that strip the skin of its vital nutrients making the skin produce more oil. And just to make things even MORE complicated, we have had clients who also have a no oil flow on the T-Zone, but excess oil on the forehead, which technically falls in the ‘combination’ category. Again, the “for Combination skin” product cannot guess how much oil you have, where the oil is, or how the level of sensitivity on other parts of the face. 

We know we are being haters right now, but we think we have gotten our point across! Only after knowing how your oil-flow works, and the skin mood of the other parts of your face (cheeks, forehead, chin), will be able to pick and choose your products for different areas of the skin, and where each one of them should be applied.

So how can you try to discover this at home?

1. Make sure you are paying attention to how the skin responds when you cleanse, are some areas feeling tight? If so, these are the areas that are likely getting stripped back and may be more dry/sensitive

2. Are there areas of your skin that get are flakey, while others seem to not crave as much moisture?

3. Are you constantly feeling the skin is greasy? This could mean you are stripping your skin in these areas, not feeding the skin enough moisture so it is overcompensating, or you are oily!


BHA on the T-zone


BHA and Mask only on the T-zone