Mushroom Coffee

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Having a hard time getting through the fist half of the week? Why not try the new coffee alternative that is so hot right now: Mushroom Coffee!

Coffee is not our body’s best friend, but let’s not start pointing fingers it is also not our worst enemy. In fact, there are strong arguments for both sides of the coffee debate; both good and bad. The one thing that we do know, is that coffee can trigger different skin conditions when consumed excessively (more than one coffee per day) - which is something that effects many of us. 

So why else might be want to trade in our second coffee for a trendy Mushroom Latte? 

1- Drinking coffee in excess does dehydrate the skin. In fact, it can impair mineral absorption from our food, blocking our body from its vital vitamins and nutrients. The skin will look sluggish and pale as our body will lack in selenium, zinc & iron (essential for blood circulation). 

2- If you drink coffee too much, it can have a diuretic effect due to its highly acidic content. It irritates the lining of the stomach and the small intestine - we know you all get that post coffee poop. More than this, it can make the liver work over time causing toxic build-up in the body!

3- Coffee could be a culprit in premature ageing as it can stunt collagen production. So what’s the solution?

Moderation IS the solution. If you want to be cautious after reading the above, we would recommend keeping your coffee fix to one cup a day - before 11am & with a non-dairy milk (almond or oat). If you haven’t already switched to a non-dairy option - do it now! Coffee with milk & sugar can in some cases effect acne conditions and mess with the hormones that control the skin’s oil production.  You can also boost your coffee with a functional Mushroom powder mix - it can counteract the potential pitfalls of coffee. 

Switching coffee for a functional Mushroom powder mix will bring you the same benefits: helps to focus & maintain energy levels without the jitter and acidic burn that coffee usually comes with. More than that, mushrooms are a powerful antioxidant and immune-booster!

Our favourite Mushroom Latte is from Raw Press - tastes like a hot chocolate. We also love the Four Stigmatic Mushroom Hot Cacao Mix with Cordyceps, which is the best pre-workout coffee, as it help with muscle fatigue and endurance!



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