More transparency within the beauty industry !

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As you all know, we are trying our best to bring you the most transparent and unbiased information! In fact, our goal is to cut through all the clutter that you might see in your everyday life from the confusing instagram posts promoting a specific product to the trendy articles that you might have read, pushing you to buy “the latest ‘it’ product” out there. 

Although promoting products is something normal and natural for most brands, there is, or at least there should be, a way of doing it properly to respect consumer skin health and purchasing power. In fact, looking at most of the beauty products claims today, it is really hard to sort fact from fiction, as well as determine what product will be beneficial for specific skin needs. 

In the book “Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives - Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer” published by skincare specialist  Dr. Theresa Callaghan, she explains that “whatever the consumer observes, perceives or feels when interacting with a cosmetic product, can be described as a claim.” Therefore, understanding what’s hiding behind a product’s promise is essential for anyone as interpreting them the wrong way could not only be detrimental for your skin, but also for your personal beliefs. 

Natural products? Vegan? Not containing any potential irritants for your skin? We want the answers of those questions to be visible in black & white please! Not translated into words or claims that are not true. The truth is, brands haven’t reached that point of transparency yet. In fact, it is still hard to read a product label today without being confused. However, the good news is that consumers are becoming more and more aware and educated about skincare product formulations. Consumers are also demanding full objectivity and transparency about what a little pot of cream contains. 

If you are also tired of not understanding if a “for sensitive” moisturiser will not irritate your skin or exactly how “natural” your product is, make sure to stay tuned for our next posts where we will be exploring the most used claims and labels and really (we mean really) decompose them. As skincare consultants, we will give you the right tools and education to create that “bs radar” when shopping for skincare products.