Let’s bring harmony to our homes by bringing nature inside

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Not that long ago, Megan told me that there are house plants that can help skin conditions such as eczema! Interesting right? And in honour of International Earth Day, we thought what better time to explore a bit more about house plants and their impact on skin. Plants are more than just decorative, they can give your home and your skin a (literal) breath of fresh air!

After further research, we discovered that house plants are believed to help improve air quality by reducing levels of carbon dioxide & other pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide. In fact, they trap and captures pollutants, which enables us to breath air that is more pure. 

Aside from keeping the air clean, certain plants have certain benefits and thus can be matched to our lifestyle and skin needs. That’s right, just like your favourite face mask or your Monday morning yoga class, house plants are believed to harmonise your body! Read further below to know what type of plants  matches your current skin mood !

Thirsty Skin 

Plants are know as natural humidifiers, especially those with higher transpiration rates and more surface area on the leaves. They can add humidity to indoor air keeping our skin’s moisturised despite central heating and air conditioning, as they help to regulate the levels of water in the air. The ultimate natural air humidifiers are the Areca Palm, Rubber Plant,  Peace Lily & English Ivy. All of them release lots of water into the air (up to 1L in every 24 hours). Hello glowing & hydrated skin.

Party Skin

If you live in a polluted area, are smoking, and like to chill on your sofa (no judgement), you might want to invest in a house plant that acts as an air purifier. In fact, the volatile organic compound found in indoor rugs/carpet, sofas, and cigarette smoke named formaldehyde can cause the formation of free radicals! Those are skin’s number one enemy that make our skin age, instigate skin allergies & compromise our barrier function. Some plants such as Spider plants, Peace Lilies, India Rubber tree, English ivy, & Bamboo Palm have the power to detoxify the air from chemicals & toxins by absorbing them into their soil where their roots transform them into plant food. Hello clear complexion!

Stressed Skin

Apparently, house plants have the power to improve our mood, reduce stress levels and even reduce fatigue & headaches by 20-25% in one study. Stress produces cortisol, which can lead to skin-directed responses that we don’t like such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other troubling skin conditions. Flowering plants, such as Anthuriums, calm and nerves and decrease stress levels with their appearance, just simply look at them. Aloe Vera plants not only help to purify air, but have also great healing properties. They are an after-sun skin soother, an irritation calmer , & a skin condition improver (eczema & psoriaris). The gel in them contains phystosterols, vitamins, enzymes, and essential amino acids ideal for treating minor cuts and burns! Hello calm skin!

Sluggish Skin

If your have exam season coming up, work from home, or spend too much time indoors then you need to bring more oxygen to your home! A constant supply of oxygen from the air and micro circulation is essential to both the tensile structure and vibrancy of the skin. This oxygenation also aids the nutrition of the cells, maintaining the metabolic rate and promoting their healthy and efficient regeneration. Lack of oxygen, can lead to a metabolic imbalance, which appears as sluggish and dull skin. Some house plants also have the power to bring more oxygen to your skin. Most plants take away oxygen at night for their own use, while others emit oxygen through the night! Snake Plants for example, increase oxygen at night, so keeping one in your bedroom can refresh air overnight. Hello revitalised skin!

Pet-Friendly Skin

If you have a pet, try to get a Spider Plant. Not only are they the easiest houseplants to care for, but they are also one of the few houseplants that are non-toxic to animals!