Hydrolats 💦

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The second trend that will soon be everywhere in the beauty market are hydrolats 💁🏻‍♀️ !

What are they🧐?

Ah Hydrolats, I love hydrolats, and still remember Megan’s face when I first recommended them to one of our clients “WTF is that😱?”. Hydrolats are created during the distillation process of essential oil extraction. They contain the water soluble chemicals from the plant while essential oils contains the non water soluble chemicals . Therefore hydrolats are lower in intensity than essential oils, making them perfect for sensitive skin 👶🏼.

Expert Review🕵🏻‍♀️

It is not a surprise that hydrolats are gaining more and more attention ⚠️ . Even though they contain plant extract, they are much more gentle on skin than essential oils - again it goes hand in hand with the “sensitivity”. With the continued boom of clean and natural beauty, and the healing power that essential oils are believed to hold, it is not a surprise that these products are becoming a huge trend. In fact, they are a great compromise for people not wanting to endanger their skin by using essential oils🙌🏼. 


The benefits are numerous, as hydrolats can be extracted from any type of essential oil, but generally hydrolats are believed to 

✨Rebalance the skin
✨Keep the eco-flora of the skin healthy
✨Maintain a normal Skin pH
✨Restore the skin

Usage🕵🏻‍♀️: Hydrolats can be used many different ways from an air freshener to a bug spray, just as essential oils their usage is infinite. 

Skin Moods🙃

Lavender Hydrolat

Antiseptic and antibacterial , lavender hydrolat is ideal for those dealing with acne or an oily t-zone. We like to recommend this hydrolat for combination skin as it is a “softer” way than something like a toner to purify the T-Zone without disrupting the eco-flora 🌸of the skin. For acne-prone skin, it also helps to gently ease inflammation and also provides relief to the skin💆🏼‍♀️. 

Chamomile Hydrolat

Chamomile is known for its calming and soothing properties 👶🏼 . Therefore, this hydrolat is amazing for sensitive skin that may experience rashes and itchiness ✨. Chamomile is a super relaxing plant (I sometimes drink a chamomile tea before bed to destress my mind before sleeping).

Rose Hydrosol 🌹

This is the go-to for any “hydrolat beginner” as this plant is perfect to rebalance any type of skin. Rose stimulates the skin, and can help decrease the appearance of pores. This makes it a favourite for more mature skin 🙌🏼. 


💡 We recommend using hydrolats like you would use a toner: after cleansing, on a damp-dry skin. 

💡 It is essential to check the formulations of Hydrolats to make sure that they don’t contain added preservatives and/or alcohol.
💡 Don’t forget that hydrolats are still an up and coming trend and there is more research and clinical studies needed to see the long term effects. 
💡 That said, if you are keen to try them out. We recommend purchasing from well known organic brands, as making them by yourself or buying them online could be a bit risky!