Gravity Blanket

Their Claim 🤑: "Weighted blankets are developed for the purpose of relieving stress and anxiety. While using these blankets, they provide the sensation of being hugged or embraced. Studies have shown that using a weighted blanket increases the level of serotonin and melatonin as well as reduces cortisol. Also, weighted blankets contribute to the improvement of your mood by helping you to achieve a restful sleep throughout the night."

Our Review 🕵‍♀: I suffer from panic attacks (lucky me) and they tend to come at night meaning I also have a hard time getting to sleep. I have been using my gravity blanket now for 6 months, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It does feel like someone is giving you a hug the second you crawl into bed and is extremely calming. I fall and stay asleep much better than before and my panic attacks are not happening as frequently. The only negative is if you are sharing a bed with someone, it can get a little bit toasty! I have only had this for the winter, but think that it will have to find a place at the end of the bed for summer months.

For Who: Anyone who suffers from anxiety or insomnia. If you like a heavy duvet and don’t get super hot when you sleep at night

Tips: Make sure you get one based on your weight and not get TOO used to it!