Golden Rules for a Simple Skincare Regime

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So guys, what do you really need? Don’t worry you don’t have to spend more that 5 minutes in front of your mirror or mask while watching a game. A skincare regime can be very simple and straightforward. To assure protection and balance in your skin this is really what you need:

• (1-2 min) Cleanse x 2/day : in the morning, cleansing your face is all about preparing your skin to receive the next essential products . At night, this step is essential as it will remove the accumulation of dirt and pollution acquired throughout the day.

• (2-3 min)Exfoliate X 2/week : NOT your body scrub that will leave scratches on your skin and potentially cause scars, we are talking the real deal chemical exfoliation. This one will really depend on your skin. If you have blackheads and your skin is oily - BHAs . If you skin skin is sensitive and dehydrated - PHAs. If your skin is dry or normal - AHAs. 

• (1-2 min) Moisturise x 2/day : SPF should be your new best friend! First, because it’s the best ingredient to protect you against free radicals and second from irritation (especially if your shaving in the morning as you’re skin is more « exposed »). No, wearing SPF will not mean that you can’t get a little colour in your skin, you can get tan through your sun cream after all….but having healthy skin > a tan any day of the week, right? At night, it’s important to rebalance the skin by hydrating with a nourishing moisturiser (NO SPF HERE). 

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