Get your Skin Ready for Summer !


Yes we know it is not the first time you’ve heard this (especially if you are following us on Instagram), but the sun & the skin have quite the tumultuous relationship. 10 minutes in the’s all love. Why? This is the average time it takes our body to produce Vitamin D, which is by the way a hormone (plot twist) not a tradition vitamin and our body needs this! More than this allotted time is called ‘over-exposure’. Our skin hates being exposed to too much UV light. The skin produces melanin when exposed to the sun (hello tan glowing skin!), that said the overproduction of this is what can lead to dark spots and pigmentation. Once this damage is done, it’s done! And all we can do is fight that pigmentation from coming up to the surface. Let’s not forget that UV damage is the number 1 factor in premature ageing.

In addition to UV light being detrimental to our cell membranes (which we know you are tired of hearing about), summer also brings along humidity depending where we are, of course. High humidity levels, mean skin keeps a percentage of water for longer periods of time. Consequently, this allows better enzyme activity function (yay!). However, in locations that are more dry, the water movement will be faster, and thus we are more likely to lose hydration through the skin. So depending on your skin mood, you will need to adjust the SPF you are using in order to adapt to your environment, making sure it isn’t too rich or light. The same thing is true for your cleanser, serum, and moisturisers.

Not only do external factors like the change in seasons affect our skin, but also the changes we go through as we age and face new challenges or strive to meet goals in our day-to day life. As we move through the decades, our skin will change and thus skin-needs will change as well. In order to achieve your healthiest skin, adjustments should be made to the products in your repertoire.  

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