Kiehl’s x Lion/ne

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The Kiehl’s x Lion/ne Event is SOLD OUT! To all of you that have signed up, we are beyond excited to meet you. You know your skin better than anyone, but we are here to educate you further and give you the tools you need to be empowered consumers when shopping for skincare. 

How we work with brands? The core of our ethos is to remain unbiased and try to step away from the current way that skincare is sold. We only work with brands that we truly believe in! And no we are NOT just saying this. Kiehl’s has always had a special place in our hearts. They have an incredibly broad range of products, that we have tried, tested, and know work. We also admire their similar mission to us : empower and educate clients on their skin.

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How we remain unbiased? The way we are working with Kiehl’s is by offering a mini-consultation that will educate Kiehl’s clients on their skin. We will use our super duper diagnostic tool, the OBSERV 520, and ask a few different health & lifestyle questions to analyse and determine primary skin type and any underlying skin conditions. We will then hand the results over to the amazing Kiehl’s team, who will use this unbiased information to advise on what products in their range would be best suited to the particular skin needs of the client.