EVENT REVIEW : An evening with Dr. Anjali Mahto

AboutTime you discovered the secrets of great skin : An evening with Dr. Anjali Mahto

A few weeks ago, we attended an event featuring one of our favourite and most knowledgable skin experts Dr. Anjali Mahto, Consultant Dermatologist and author of my all time favourite skincare book The Skincare Bible.  To learn more about her qualifications and treatment options click here

The event was very informative, and tackled everything from skin myths to ideal skin regimes based on your skin type. I was frantically jotting down notes from the event, because everything that Dr. Mahto said was, in my opinion notable! Here were my key takeaways; 

On the subject of skin myths

Spending more money on a product does not make the product better! Many luxury products will have similar ingredients to more budget friendly products, what may be different is product texture and fragrance.  And as we talk about a lotttt, fragrance can sensitise skin so for most skin types is best to be avoided when possible. 

Natural skincare is more of a lifestyle choice. It is not necessarily bad for the skin, but there is just more variability in natural/organic skincare. I loved the way that Dr. Mahto explained this, with botanicals there are SO many factors that can make one batch different to another.  For example, the season, what part of a plant they use, and how the product is transported (i.e.-temperature) to name a few.  Again, this does not mean it is bad, but the EU currently regulates synthetic products more.  Good food for thought! 

It is very difficult to get a product that is completely cruelty-free, because in order for ingredients to pass certain regulation, they at some point may have been tested on animals.  This was just an interesting point because SO many brands claim to be cruelty-free, and there is just not much regulation around this term and what it means.  

Be sceptical of marketing like ‘dermatologist tested’ as these are very loose terms! 


You should be getting the nutrients you need from your diet if it is balanced with fruit and veg.  That said, for those that are vegan for example, there may be the need to supplement with things like B12 or Iron. 

Thank you

Thank you About Time Magazine and Dr. Mahto for a fabulous and insightful evening. These were just a few of the skin myths that she tackled, and we will be looking out for the next event to get our myth busting fix!