Dr Jackson's Face & Eye Essence


Their Claim: “Whether you’re suffering from a late night, jet lag, overexposure to the sun, or an intense session at the gym; this refreshing and firming gel like formula is like a tall drink of water- but for your skin.”

Vitamin (C, E & B12) Baobab Seed Oil, Kigali Fruit Rxtract, Damask Rose Flower Water, Aloe Leaf Juice and Roman Chamomile Flower.

Harold’s review: Dr. Jackson’s Face & Eye Essence was recommended to me by Lion/ne to help with the dark circles under my eyes and some occasional puffiness. This product smells amazing, kind of herbal, and very refreshing. It feels light on the skin and spreads really easily under the eye and over the face. It gets absorbed quickly and also has a fresh cooling effect (kind of like eating a mint but on your face!) so it feels great.

For Who: For any guys wanting a super simple and easy moisturiser in the morning. It’s the best product to have on hand for your post-workout shower. Don’t forget to layer it with SPF!

Tip: You don’t need a lot and can apply it up to your under-eye area.