Calamansi 🍋 

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What is it 🧐?

Calamansi is a citrus fruit, a hybrid 🤞🏻 between a mandarin and lemon, that is found in the Philippine Islands. Calamansi is gaining greater exposure in Asian markets, as it functions as a natural bleaching agent . It also contains a lot of Vitamin C (one of our personal favourites 💓). Calamansi is believed to give a shiny and silky appearance to hair as well, we love a multipurpose ingredient😏!

Expert Review🕵🏻‍♀️

This fruit has been named one of the top three food ingredients of 2019 by JWT’s Innovation Group in its Future 100 report! It is not a surprise as Vitamin C is booming right now, and brands are searching for new sources of Vitamin C to bring something more fresh and buzzy 🔊 than those that are already widely used on the market. This citrus fruit is also going with the growing wave 🌊 of natural and conscious consumers ♻️ .