Lifespace Healing x Lion/ne

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It’s time to cut back your 10-step skincare regime!

We are popping up at Lifespace Healing on Talbot Road this May 18th & 19th from 11am - 9pm for a unique 1:1 skin consultation to get your skin ready to glow this summer. This is the perfect time to update your regime and replace those old products that are running low. 

We would encourage you to scale back on the number of products you are using, leaving you with what your skin REALLY needs. In a recent article written by Marie Solis, “The Rise of the Minimalist Skincare Routine” she brilliantly analyses and explains why people are going back to a more simplistic skincare regime. 

Expert dermatologists state “it’s almost always been the case that their patients use too many over-the-counter products that aren’t right for them.” They go on to explain that their patients are oftentimes frustrated by the lack of results from pricey products and extensive regimes. This is likely due to shiny skincare marketing and packaging that make us believe that the latest ingredient is the greatest ingredient; over promising and under delivering. 

Consumers are also being constantly tempted by engaging skincare ads and sponsored posts made by influencers, more often than not contain misleading information. Anthony Rossi, a New York Dermatologist, expresses how hard it is to make scientifically supported information about skincare accessible. He even admits that  “it’s difficult to compete with the hundreds of skincare influencers across YouTube and Instagram, who engage viewers with product reviews and tutorials.” 

It is no wonder we all have drawers full of products that we don’t use, and skincare regimes that mean spending unnecessary time in the bathroom. One woman stated she is exhausted by her routine; “I just want to go to sleep,” she said, “not do a 10-step Korean skincare routine.” Sometimes the simplest things are the best for our skin & for our health (who doesn’t want an extra 20 minutes of sleep?)

We created Lion/ne to cut through the noise that pressures you into buying something that you don’t need. We do our very best to use our own knowledge and to collate scientifically backed information to help you explore the best products for your skin, and prove that sometimes a £20 products does a better job than a £120 one! 

To Book your consultation at Lifespace Healing call or message 07950949163! We are also open at out permanent location Wednesday to Friday in Notting Hill. If you have any questions DM us or email us at