The only truly unbiased way to find your optimal skincare regime
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Cutting through the confusion of the skincare industry, Listening to your skin frustrations, Answering your burning questions, Giving you expert advice, Providing you with the key to unlock your skin’s potential

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Book your 1:1 appointment and meet a Lion/ne skincare expert in one of our various locations. Ksenia Selivanova and Megan Felton created Lion/ne following a friendship that flourished from a love of all things skincare and a frustration of how confusing the skincare world can be. You can learn more about us here !

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No matter the type of consultation you choose, they will all include a skin-health & lifestyle assessment and a 360° skin diagnosis using the OBSERV Skin Diagnostic tool. Learn more about our 20 min taster “L’Essence” or 45 minutes in-depth consultation “La Crème de la Crème” or “ La Crème Fleurie” on our consultation page.

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Not sure about which consultation is right for your skin ? Take this small quiz to find out the best option for you!

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Looking for a unique way to boost your next event? We have you covered... Lion/ne is available for pop-ups, private hire, and skintellectual workshops.
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The OBSERV exposes those conditions that the naked eye cannot see by using a patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology. Click here for more information about our diagnostic tool.

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With the L’Essence consultation, take away valuable skin advice and personalised tips & tricks on how to pamper your skin. With the La Crème, unlock your skin’s potential by receiving the much loved Lion/ne Skincare Handbook.

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