Lion/ne is your skincare confidante: No bias, no filters, no bs. Founded by Ksenia Selivanova and Claudia ‘Megan’ Felton following a friendship that flourished from a love of all things skincare and a frustration of how confusing the skincare world can be. Lion/ne is a unique service which aims to empower both women and men through expert skincare consultancy, cutting through the confusion and clutter.

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In an industry that is currently full of shiny marketing and information overload, we thought  that it was time for a change. We were so frustrated by the skincare industry that makes false promises, that we created our own company, Lion/ne.

Lion/ne strives to be your skincare confidante, a listening ear when it comes to your skin frustrations and your first call when you need to add or change products in your skincare regime. You know your skin better than anyone, but we are here to collate what you know and translate it into a skincare regime made just for you.

We are your skincare consultancy, and the best option to find the most diverse and unbiased range of products to use on your skin, morning and night. We are not tied to specific brands, products, or retailers.  All the products we recommend are chosen specifically for your skin without bias.

You only get one face, take care of your skin now and you will thank yourself later.



Lion/ne, encompasses the French words for Lion and Lioness.  The French connection to our brand is a nod to Ksenia’s upbringing on the border of France and Switzerland.  ‘Lionne’ was a name given to the movement of women in the mid 1800’s who began to infringe on the territory of men for the first time. The Lionne woman pushed the boundaries and paved the way for other women.  


Despite the root of the name, we did not want to exclude anyone from our service or our brand.  After all equal rights = an equal skincare regime. Although the skincare industry is popularly known as a female market, that is quickly changing! The slash ‘/’ in the name means Lion/ne is inclusive for all the Lions and Lionesses out there who are ready to find their optimal skincare regime.